Good Friends in the Country

Good Friends in the Country

Hubby and I just got back from dinner with our good friends whom we see only every month or so when we plan for a dinner at one of our houses. Right now, they live close to a 45 minute drive out in the country. They have a houseful of kids, cats and dogs, and we always have an entertaining night, as one toddler or another does things that probably only childless people find amusing. We laugh non-stop at their facial expressions when a particular explosive toddler fart happens and giggle profusely when one decides to lick their dinner off the table instead of being anything close to civilized. One of their cats seems particularly fond of digging its nails into my legs from under the table and will continue to stalk me most of the night, making me quite jumpy to the amusement of our hosts. Now that we are expecting I think they take great pleasure in telling us horrible baby stories about puke, sleepless nights and the incredible colours and textures that poop can come in. We take it in stride, pretend to be completely disgusted and laugh along as it won’t be long before we’ll have our own kid, licking his dinner from the table. We enjoy glasses of wine (not for me since I’m preggers) and home cooked meals and exchange banter on hobbies, kids, and any juicy gossip we have. It was especially touching to see both of their toddlers clinging to Hubby and joyfully climbing up his legs begging to be picked up, tossed around or bounced high in the air. There was a time that Hubby was shy about holding kids, and since neither of us have many friends or family with kids we see often, we usually find ourselves awkward around them. But tonight Hubby tickled, tossed, bounced, and played with those kids. Perhaps it was the fact he knows we have our own kid on the way, or maybe it’s just the fact that these kids seem like the most adorable things on earth and they utterly demanded his attention, but it was beautiful to see. The drive home from their house is always filled with conversation about family, good friends and positive thoughts on the future. It’s great to have such great friends, and we hope that when we move to the country our kids will share backyard camp outs and perhaps I can snag their recipe for delicious flaky pie crusts.

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