First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

As first time home buyers you could definitely categorize us as being clueless. Sure we knew we wanted a house, we knew we needed money, and we knew it would take a lot of work. But neither of us had been “planning” to buy a house, only thinking. If there is one piece of advice I can give young people is to save, save, save. And get into the market asap. Hubby and I are in our 30’s, and we weren’t ready financially to jump from our rental to a purchase. We both had bills to pay from school and truck payments, we enjoyed expensive dinners out. and road trips. And for our 1 year anniversary we planned on heading over to a very very pricey restaurant that neither of us had been to before and we planned to eat and drink and be merry! The night before our reservations was the night when we both sat on the edge of our bed realizing that the honeymoon was over…. we were now married 1 year, and the best anniversary present we could give ourselves was not a 6 course meal and 3 bottles of wine, but a baby. Needless to say we cancelled our anniversary dinner reservations that night and started to save every penny.

We started to sell everything that we didn’t need, we stopped going out to restaurants, and even extra trips out with the car were negotiated and combined with other trips just to save a few dollars on gas. We budgeted, had bank meetings, and we looked for spare change in our couch cushions for bus fare to work. We finally worked the budget and it revealed that on our thrifty life course we could be ready in 5 months. We could be homeowners before the baby arrived.

Hubby and I had always been “house-looking”. We ventured through open houses, dreamed about gardens and mancaves, and we generally agreed on most things when it came to a future house. But when the real “house-hunting” began, there were a few arguments for sure. What each of us would consider “deal breakers” and how much work did we want to put into a “fixer upper” were a few of the main ones. We fought about where to live, when to move, how to search, and what our budget was. It was stressful to know that we both wanted to find a house before the baby was born, there was now so much pressure. We probably went through 20 houses during our serious house-hunting days, and to this day, nothing holds a candle to the house down the gravel road, our dream house. But there was in deed a good reason why it didn’t come up on our online house search. It was way more than our budgeted amount. It was indeed a stretch, but, we soon found out that it had been on the market for a while, and when we searched the house, both alone and later with our agent, we could find no real flaw that would impede it’s sale. So… was the house waiting for us? We’re not very lucky people, but we thought we ought to put in an offer. We threw caution to the wind and made an offer, one that we could afford. I remember sitting in that house (it was unoccupied) with Hubby and our agents and signing those papers, and I remember crying. Mostly tears of fear. Would we get it? Would they counter? Was this the right house? Was it too far? Would we regret it?

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