Hang In There Kids

Hang In There Kids

I’m not sure if it’s because of the work shift changes that we’ve endured over the holidays, or the stress of having our entire house in boxes, but Juno seems to be acting out more than usual. She has settled down over the years, but lately has been completely testing our patience again. She has ripped into more than a few cardboard boxes while we were not looking, has gobbled down mouthfuls of Kleenex right in front of us (Hubby and I have both been sick over the holidays), accidents on the floor, breaking into closed off rooms, and has been ultra clingy, following us from room to room and insisting she sit on top of us. We know she has separation anxiety but we’ve seen it get worse since we started packing. As most dog owners can attest, once you pack a suitcase, a dog can sense something is happening and know that it doesn’t usually involve them. In fact, when Hubby and I finally planned a belated honeymoon last winter, Juno found the open suitcase on the bed and curled up inside, looking as pathetic as possible as if to say, “please bring me with you”. I think that having mountains of packing boxes strewn throughout the house has caused her to think we are now moving the entire house and leaving her behind. I wish I could tell her that this move is as much for us and Junior as it is for her and her brother Fid. What fun they will have in such a large bright house! There will be an abundant supply of butterflies and frogs to chase and acres of grass to roll in. I wish I could reassure her, she always looks so sad.

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