Finally We’re Here

Finally We're Here

Well, I’m exhausted, financially strapped, my back aches and I’ve already had to deal with 3 water floods and a washing machine that doesn’t want to work. It must mean we are home owners now. Hubby and I picked up the keys on January 15th, went home to get the “kids” and a mattress for the roof racks and drove out to the country to our very own home. We unpacked boxes and collapsed in slumber well before midnight. I have no clue even what day it is even more. All I know is that this is the first time I’ve had time and barely enough energy to post anything. We’ve had our appliances arrive, a new couch come in, utilities hooked up and various friends and family have passed through, carrying box after box of our stuff. We had originally planned for this weekend to be cleaning weekend but with the house being as clean as it was and the fact that our friends stepped up with a moving truck, hubby and our friends are on a mission to get us moved tomorrow. My moms were by and helped paint the first coat on Juniors room, and my dad helped bring another trailer load of our junk from the old townhouse. We’ve picked up a free washer and dryer set we found on kijiji, and of course, no huge surprise, found out that the washer wasn’t spinning (after we put in a load of adorable baby clothes). Sigh. They seem to make dishwashers these days where it takes 2 plumbers, an electrician, an astronaut and a lawyer to install them, so we’ve dealt with puddles of water in our kitchen. Hubby had to work and because of the early move in the morning he will stay at the old place tonight. I am finally here alone, dogs snoring on our new couch, the dull hum of our new fridge is the only sound I hear other than the clatter of the keyboard keys as I type. I long madly for a hot bubble bath, but dread the hike to the second floor since my body aches so much. I can’t imagine how hubby is holding up or my father, they had so many heavy boxes to lift. The place is a mess, the floors are dirty from everyone’s boots and I have no clue where anything is. But I am so unbelievably happy. I love our new home. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. I’m sure it will test me since I’m already exhausted. I just want to crawl onto the double mattress on our bedroom floor, pull the sleeping bag over my head, and wake up tomorrow in my plush king sized bed full of duvets and happy dogs. They need to make an “easy” button for moving. Thankfully with a handful of excellent friends who have forever supported us, this move may actually be over by tomorrow. I’ve planned a chili dinner as thanks but know I will be indebted to everyone, friends and family who have helped us.

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