Quick Someone Call the Landlord… oh wait…. sigh

Quick Someone Call the Landlord... oh wait.... sigh

Well, my free washer and dryer that I sourced on Kijiji was pretty much worth what we paid for them. I’ve learned an important lesson. Do not assume that the awesome free laundry set from a nice guy on kijiji actually work. We had guests over when all of a sudden Hubby burst from the basement, yelling something that neither of us women could understand… then we saw the water… the rushing splashing water quickly flooding into our Foyer from the Mudroom. Then when Hubby got the washing machine turned off, we could hear the gushing… rain falls, torrential, in our basement. The water was coming through the duct work, over the electrical lights and all over my unpacked boxes of craft supplies. We grabbed all the towels and blankets we could find to soak up the mess, dragged the shop vacs from the garage and waded through soggy boxes to salvage what we could. What a mess. Let’s just say it was all too much for a 7 months pregnant lady who was exhausted already. I had a good cry in front of our guests, the sheer frustration just overwhelming me. But our friends calmly helped and soon we were cracking jokes (although with me still crying as there is no off switch). Needless to say we reached deep into our pockets and have ordered a new laundry set which will arrive tomorrow. I have found many amazing free things on kijiji, but I hang my head in shame at trusting an appliance that could have done so much more damage (imagine if we hadn’t been home!). Ps… we tried to dry the towels in the dryer after… only to realize the dryer would spin but not dry. I now have a frozen pile of towels in my garage that is soooo frozen you can’t move them. It’s almost funny… almost.

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