Welcome to Country Living

Welcome to Country Living

Not 6 full days living in the country and we’ve dealt with mini dishwasher floods, a chaotic move, a mega flood from the washing machine, the realization we have something living in our walls (really, I’m not surprised since we’ve been having -40 degree weather which would make any squirrel, mouse or bat take shelter) and now we need to address the coyotes.

I have a lot of respect for nature, and have always sided with the wild animals when it comes to run-ins with cars and humans. But because I’ve never had a “run in” with anything larger than a turtle I ran over last year with my car, I’ve never really had to worry about what I would ACTUALLY do if wildlife was an issue.

This morning as Hubby was letting the dogs out for a pee in the freezing cold, he shouted at me to come and see. Two coyotes stood defiant in our back yard. They stood staring at us in our housecoats while we watched them from the back door. I herded the dogs into the living room and encouraged Hubby to give a holler to scare them. He did his best impression of an “angry man”, his breath steaming in the frigid cold, but the coyotes were unimpressed. I was able to snap a quick picture as they slowly loped away after a few minutes of waiting for us to release their breakfast into the back yard. It brought a smile to both of us to see such beautiful wildlife, but also unnerving to see them so close to the house. We knew they were around as the community is full of deer, but I don’t think I like them eyeballing our dogs, as delicious as they must look.

Hubby and I hope to walk over to meet the neighbors this weekend, so we’ll have to get everyone’s opinions on how to manage life with the coyotes.

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