A Relaxed Sunday

A Relaxed Sunday

Today was the first day that Hubby and I had off together where we had no plans, no people coming over, and no boxes to unpack. The house was relatively clean, the driveway was still pristine in its perfectly plowed state and there was nothing we “had” to do. We slept in (til 8am!), ate breakfast together, lounged around and took the dogs for a much needed walk down the street. We didn’t go too far since I become quite tired, but I’m hoping to get out more and build up my energy. We were probably gone for only 45 minutes but only 1 car passed us, and no dogs ran out to see us (which is good, since I dread a dog altercation while I’m pushing the stroller in a few months). Then Hubby and I packed into the car and went for a drive.

I seem to have a weird fascination with wind turbines. We’ve more than once driven to Kingston to see the towering turbines and once we snuck up underneath one to hear the gentle “whoosh” as the blades went around. They are majestic, spooky, and actually pretty cool. Driving to my carpool meet up spot I pass a section on the hwy where there are trucks parked, warming up in the dark frigid cold of the morning, their cargo, non other than gigantic blades. I was determined to find out where those blades were heading so today Hubby and I scoured the countryside. We didn’t go too far, maybe 15 minutes south east of us and we spotted them on the horizon. We counted about 9 windmills, their white towers and blades blending in with the wintery sky. There is much controversy about wind power and if it’s actually useful or not, and people aren’t usually a fan of their “hulking masses blocking their view” but for some reason, I find the view quite beautiful, in an eerie kind of way. We snapped some pictures and continued into our local town for lunch.

We tried out a local favorite restaurant that serves a combination of chinese food and traditional family fare. We both ordered sandwich platters that came with a mound of fries which left us feeling satisfied. It seemed all the locals were there, as church had just let out, and the wait staff was cheery and friendly. I’d give the place 5 “country” stars.
A few groceries, a stop at the hardware store and we headed home for a much needed nap with the dogs, all of us curled up on the bed together.

Supper is cooking and I’ve still got to get some sewing done (I’m turning an old bed skirt into a crib skirt), and Hubby desperately wants to curl up on the couch to watch a movie, so I’ve got to hurry back to relaxing now.

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One thought on “A Relaxed Sunday

  1. Julie Low says:

    I love reading your blog, and knowing that you are both settling into the new house. Sounds like you have found a little piece of paradise there, and are both very happy. Congrats!!!

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