Friends in the Country

Friends in the Country

Before we moved the country I had to do some research to find out if I could get into town on a small budget. I found myself on carpooling sites and posting ads on Kijiji looking for a ride into the city. It was surprisingly hard to find anyone to be honest, but in the end a few people contacted me and I now carpool with a young lady from the main town into the city. We share on gas and conversation and we’ll keep this up until the end of next month when I’ll be on maternity leave. But another lady who had contacted me (our hours just didn’t quite match up), has become a bit of an email pen pal. we pretty much email large letters back and forth each day. She’s my mother’s age but we have a lot in common and she lives within walking distance of our new home (albeit a bit of a hike if one wanted to meander over). She crafts, cooks, love Pinterest and has a german shepherd (I used to have one growing up). We plan on getting together soon (and actually meeting) and perhaps get our dogs together as well. It would be good for all of them to make some friends and tire each other out. I came across a box full of corks that at one time had a mission as some obscure craft project and I’ll make sure I bring them to my new pen pal when we meet. It may sound like a weird “nice to meet you” gift, but us crafty people can tell a lot about each other from following the pictures we pin, and it looks like she’s been eyeing some cork crafts for a while.

We’ve also met a few of our neighbors too. We feel bad as we had vowed to go door to door to shake hands and introduce ourselves, but the move has been exhausting and we’ve had a never ending stream of guests through the place that keeps us in each night we’ve had available. One night, as Hubby was at work, a knock at the door revealed a neighbor who had popped in to say hello and to welcome us. He lives further down the road, has a family and plans movie nights on Sundays. He was so welcoming and friendly and he even offered to come back to meet my man. This past weekend we were out shoveling our driveway (a good 40 mins of exercise in the biting cold), and one half of the former owners stopped by to see how we were settling in. She pulled up at the end of the driveway and Hubby and I went over to see her. She inquired as to how we were settling in and wanted to know which room we had chosen as the nursery. She was so friendly and warm. I broached the subject of the coyotes and after we all tried to side step around the big question for a few minutes we were all finally relieved to realize we were on the same page…. if they became a further nuisance they would need to go. We all chatted for about a half and hour and by the end of it we had been invited to potlucks, a men’s gossip group and a scrap booking session (I’ll have to remember to bring some paper that I have had for years!) We have now made more friends at the new house in one week, than the past years in the city. Side note… when you are in the country it is a requirement to wave at every car that drives by. By the end of shoveling my arm was quite tired but both Hubby and I felt refreshed and countrified.

We’ve also noticed that since we’ve moved, our friends from the city have all come out of the woodwork and have offered to visit and as tired as we are, it’s very hard to say no to them. We’ve had to turn away a few people out of sheer exhaustion, but in the end we’ve already hosted quite a few dinners, and our calendar seems to be always full. I certainly have no complaints, but I am very surprised. I would have thought that with us moving so “far from the city” that guests would be few and far between. Instead, I have to get a calendar up soon so we don’t double book!

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