The Snowblower

The Snowblower

I’m writing this for two reasons. The first is to quickly write down what my dad told me to do in order get the snow blower started before I forget, and the second…so that after even the 20th time doing it, I can still refer back to this blog in order to figure it out once again.

Make sure the machine is on, make sure the gas line is on, pull the choke out all the way, three pumps of the primer… pull cord until I give myself a hernia or blow a baby, when machine starts, slowly push choke back in, in stages, until running smoothly, don’t run over the dog with it. (don’t touch the key or the “on” toggle, they stay where they are). When done, turn gas line off and let machine run out of gas naturally, ensuring minimal drippage in garage. Use a broom to brush off snow from machine, and always use premium gas.

My dad is a handyman. It’s handy to know him, he’s handy to have around and he’s handy when it comes to getting mechanical things to work when they should have died years ago. With Hubby and I purchasing a house in the country, my dad was probably more excited than we were. He grew up on a farm, and even though he now lives in a townhouse in the city, he one day dreams of a huge plot of land in the country where he can hunt to his heart’s content and have sheds full of cool mechanical “stuff”. I’m sure my step mother wouldn’t be too pleased with such a set up, but she goes along with his dreams and that’s what counts. Anyways, when we moved, actually, before we moved, my dad would deliver things like rakes, hoses, wide brooms, shop vacs (boy did that come in handy!), and other “country” goods to us at the old house. Luckily he also was able to find an old snow blower that he had stored down at my grandparents storage shed (having sheds for “stuff” runs in the family apparently). He’s been tinkering with it for the past few months in his overly crowded garage (he’s always got about 4 projects on the go), and the other night the snow blower finally made its arrival into the country. Now… one of the things I did not inherit from my dad is his mechanical ways. I have no clue how things work and almost no interest in learning. I like mechanical things to be simple (ie. turn key, press start button). So I’m sure my dad has had his fill of being frustrated with me while I would roll my eyes as he tried to explain how engines work or how a garage door opener could be adjusted. And it never helped that the items he was trying to talk to me about were ancient and needed special instructions on how to use them. Those special instructions usually included words like “jiggle this a bit”, “put pressure on this hose”, “toggle it a bit, but not too much”.

We’ve only had to shovel the driveway once so far in the past 2 weeks, but we definitely have some drifting snow that piles up. And with me being pregnant, lifting a shovel full of snow is not the smartest. So a snow blower is a new essential for our country life. It’s supposed to snow this weekend, wish me luck!

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