First Day of Maternity Leave

First Day of Maternity Leave

Well, it’s official. Today, Monday March 3rd is my first official day of maternity leave. Last week at work the gals threw me a little baby shower, complete with a boardroom table overflowing with pot luck treats and a card signed by lots of great friends from my office. They also collected donations, which are very, very much appreciated. With the new house (bills are piling up!) and the baby on the way (still need to get so many little things), it’s been a draining time. I’m going to finally get my butt in gear and put those donations to good use hooking up Junior with some cloth diapers and I’ll have to remember to send some pictures to my work as a thank you.
But now here I find myself, sitting in my pajamas alone in the house except for the dogs, and I wouldn’t dare say I’m bored, but I’ve got at least a good 6-7 weeks before Junior should be close to being ready to join us. What does one do? I’ve done some research to find out what other expectant moms did on their time off, or even what they did while they had their babe glued to their hip. I came across so many lists that moms had made, but one in particular made me realize that it’s just not that easy to get everything done. This mom had posted her “mat leave to-do” list, complete with mom and babe movies, trips to the beach, visits with friends and learning how to knit along with other seemingly attainable goals. But a year later she posted her “what I actually got done” list, and it was surprising to see how little she was able to accomplish. Not for lack of effort, but with a baby, everything takes 4 times longer to do, it makes 2 times the amount of mess, and you have 3 times less energy, and most moms just don’t realize that going into it.
My fear, and undoubtedly Hubby’s fear, is that I will become a sloth on my mat leave. Bumming around the house in my yoga pants, eating a bag of chips for lunch, and watching soap operas all day with Junior suckling away at my breast (maybe a slight exaggeration but we can only fear the worst), but I figure that for each week I’m off, I will make a list of things I want to accomplish. Breaking it into weekly goals seems more attainable and gives me the flexibility to be realistic as each week will differ in my energy level. On top of my weekly list, don’t forget I’ll be doing laundry, vacuuming and general house up-keep.


Week One:
Get to the library and take out some books, recover the bumper pads I found, get some photos to a friend who needs them for my website, make a list of baking supplies I will need and stock up, re-pot my living room plant, research how a water softener works, walk the dogs 3 times, sell some old over-the-toilet vanities, get some pictures printed at Staples, fix a cushion that Juno chewed, organize my craft cave that has exploded into a mess of lace and burlap scraps, find/buy some more recycling bins for the garage, mail out the last of my shower thank you cards, go to the municipal office to clarify land taxes, find out how a diaper genie works, pre-register at the hospital for the birth and bake some banana bread.

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