Starbucks in the Country

Starbucks in the Country

According to google maps, the closest Starbucks is 41.3 KM away. According to ME, the nearest Starbucks is about 4 meters away from my computer desk. Yes folks, why pay $8 for a Venti Mocha Light Frappuccino when you can make one… or at least one quite similar in your own kitchen. There is obviously some give and take as I’m no barrista (and have no clue what they put in their drinks except for rare unicorns and decadent flakes of fabulousness), but with a little help from my tassimo and my hand mixer this drink turned out quite fine.

Here is the approximate recipe:
1 brewed Tassimo coffee of your choice, chilled
1 cup of milk
½ cup of frozen vanilla ice cream
2 tbs of chocolate sauce
Sprinkle with chocolate bits to make it Pinterest-Perfect
(optional…when you aren’t pregnant…mix in some Baileys for a great evening beverage)


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