Week 1 of Maternity Leave: Update

Week 1 of Maternity Leave: Update

Well, week one is over… I blinked and it was gone. What a whirlwind it’s been. I have to admit it wasn’t as productive as it could have been, but we’ve been hit by surprise bills pretty much almost every day I was off, which left me in panic/anxiety mode, worrying about making ends meet this month until my EI kicks in. Hubby and I have been stressed which leaves me exhausted in a don’t-want-to-get-off-the-couch way which ate up most of my day as I wallowed around worrying (which doesn’t do any good by the way). I did get some items off my list done, or at the very least, started.

Week One:
1. Get to the library and take out some books (done and already read both novels… not bad in one week!)
recover the bumper pads I found (they are 90% done… other projects took priority)
2. Get some photos to a friend who needs them for my website (did some… need some more)
3. Make a list of baking supplies I will need and stock up (done… but didn’t stock up… the idea of spending extra money made me worry more)
4. Re-pot my living room plant (admittedly not done)
5. Research how a water softener works (yeah, done… but still no clue… it’s like its all in spanish to me!)
6. Walk the dogs 3 times (hell no… that would have meant getting off the couch)
7. Sell some old over-the-toilet vanities (nope)
8. Get some pictures printed at Staples (I was going to do this but it’s for Juniors room, and I want to wait for his birth day to insert his date of birth and weight etc into it)
9. Fix a cushion that Juno chewed (well, it made it to the craft room to get done… does that count?)
10. Organize my craft cave that has exploded into a mess of lace and burlap scraps (I made an attempt, and then I received a few orders and it went back to being organized chaos)
11. Find/buy some more recycling bins for the garage (yes!! two new bins and 2 baskets for the kitchen to catch all the items, so no excuse not to recycle!)
12. Mail out the last of my shower thank you cards (had the last of the girls over to thank them on the weekend, but then forgot to give them their cards… in my defense I’ve asked them for their mailing address about 3 times now with no response)
13. Go to the municipal office to clarify land taxes (done… and even though we knew the amount, I freaked out and went into a financial depression…. hence the lack of anything getting done this week)
14. Find out how a diaper genie works (I kicked it and nothing happened… is that enough?)
15. Pre-register at the hospital for the birth (done! very proud of myself, and even looked into my insurance and called the hospital to see if I was missing anything)
16. Bake some banana bread (done… I’m sure you’ve seen my post)

In my defense we’ve been entertaining guests, I went to the states with my neighbour to learn how to shop state-side, went to Montreal with Hubby for a business trip, worked on some orders on my home-based small business, learned how to nap (still a work in progress, as I wake up with a headache and very groggy after, so if anyone has any tips on how to nap successfully, please let me know!), and last but not least I went on an epic Value Village shopping spree (nothing makes a girl forget about her financial issues than spending money right?)…. I’ll post about this epic spree soon.

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