Week 2 Maternity Leave: Update

Week 2 Maternity Leave: Update

Well week two is almost over and I think I’ve already failed at giving myself weekly goals. Time flies when you are having fun, and I HAVE been productive, but just never with what I really think I need to get done.

I’ll start with Monday…. my Value Village Extravaganza! A few times a year Value Village has a 50% off sale and for the last one, we didn’t know the sex of the baby yet so I vowed that I would catch this one and take the whole day and go crazy. Now keep in mind I’m probably the cheapest person you’ll meet and I never splurge on myself… no hair cuts, no manicures, no make up or pretty clothes. Luckily since the sale fell during my maternity leave I didn’t have to take a day off work and although this has been a rough month financially, Hubby and I agreed that I deserved my day. Now my only downfall was that daylight savings put a kink in my morning since I seemed to have slept in past my usual 7am time frame. In the big city near us we have 5 Value Villages ready for my pillaging. I hit the western most one at 11am and progressed through town. I met up with my mother for lunch at the half way point and she joined me for the final three stores. The trick to taking advantage of the sale is to avoid the change rooms. You can exchange it later if it doesn’t fit (keep your receipt), but trying on everything will slow you down as the stores are packed for these sales and the lines up for the change rooms can mean a 15 minute wait.

My mom and I don’t see the same items as “cute”, in fact, our definitions of “cute” differ so much that I felt bad nixing so many of her choices of outfits for Junior. We have sooo many clothes for him that it isn’t practical to buy much more in regards to clothes, so I was being very selective. Poor mom had to put back alot of sleepers and winter jackets, but she seemed to take it in stride and I let a few “cute” ones into the basket to appease her. I was also keeping an eye out for summer clothes for myself to wear out in the yard and in the garden. By 5pm, the last store finally done, my feet were aching and my mom was limping and our trunk was filled with bags of awesomeness. I probably came away with about 30 new shirts, 2 pants, 3 dresses, about 20 new outfits for Junior and spent just under $200. Not bad! A few outfits that just didn’t look right went to my friend who lives near us, and a few outfits will need to be returned…. for store credit, which means more shopping (this time I can only spend what I return). Check out the picture of the outfits we found for Junior. I went a little crazy when I started finding plaid onesies and plaid shirts (Hubby always wears plaid type shirts), and I found all kinds of cute shorts, even a swim diaper, and a few plaid jackets for fall. There is even a Nautica shirt, and an adorable vest to boot!

I entertained ourfriends who live near us for dinner last night. I vowed to make them a nice meal to impress them. During the day we were slammed with a snowstorm and just the thought of it for some reason drained me. By the time I started cooking I was exhausted and promptly allowed the pasta to overcook, a pot of milk for the sauce to boil over (what a mess) and I think I dirtied every dish we owned. Luckily my friends still seemed impressed, but giving them lots of extra wine helped I’m sure. Since Hubby was working late, my friends husband offered to inspect our water softener and cut up some kindling for me… I didn’t have it in me to say no. Did I mention I baked a cake? (I opened the box before you think I made it from scratch though).

This week I found another book to read and tonight I just finished organizing our woodpile and garage in preparation for new wood to arrive. Tomorrow I’m heading into town with my friend and her two kids, plus the two kids she watches and we’ll head to a museum for the day. I’m not sure if I will have the energy to run after so many small children in my state, but I can’t read on the couch any more!

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