Country Living = Isolation?

Country Living = Isolation?

There are many a folk who questioned our decision to live “way out in the boonies” away from civilization and “far away” from our friends and family, but in the few months we’ve been here we have proven that country living doesn’t go hand in hand with isolation. In fact, we’ve had a steady stream of family and friends over for dinners, had a baby shower, and hosted overnight guests on more than one occasion. Of course you COULD become isolated if that’s what you want, but Hubby and I have made every attempt to make sure we make friends locally as well as keep our awesome friends from the city. We went door knocking to meet the neighbors a few weeks back, and just yesterday our across the way neighbor reached out via email to say hello. Ends up she’s a stay at home mom with the kids and I’m hoping to drop by her place over the next few weeks once I start baking. Today I visited an old friend whom I went to high school with. She spotted me on the local Facebook group and invited me over. We hadn’t actually really talked since high school and let’s just say it’s been a few years. We sat and chatted for a few hours and she lives only 10 mins away…. actually very close to our other friends in the country. I’m thinking a mom and kids date is in order this summer, perhaps we can all meet at the local park. It’s amazing that living out in the country, with a back yard that has views of only fields and far away trees and perhaps the odd gang of turkeys lumbering across the open vastness, that one can connect with so many people. It definitely does become quality over quantity. And just to clear up the other issue… of being far from civilization. Sure we don’t have a public transportation system but we are 7 minutes away from the Wal-Mart, and all other conveniences. Our best friends are only 15 minutes away, and our family is only 30-40 minutes (depending on which relative we’re talking about). And when we lived in the city, it would take us nearly 20 minutes with traffic to get to Wal-Mart and about the same time frame to travel for a visit to our family.

As I write this… the house is pretty dark (don’t get me started on the electricity bills out here), and the only sound is the hum of the fridge and the snoring of one of the dogs on the couch. Not a single siren, no parties, no cars with music blasting and I haven’t heard a car go by in about 20 minutes. Oh how gloriously quiet it is!! So yup…. right now… this exact moment I’m isolated in my little country bubble, but anytime I want I can message a friend and head out for a coffee with other great country people.

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