Cross Border Shopping

Cross Border Shopping

As I now reside quite close to a border crossing into the United States, the temptation of cheap gas and excellent priced groceries is too great. My new neighbour who lives a concession away invited me to join her on an outing one night to show me the ropes on cross border shopping. We ventured to the border, handed over our passports and were ushered in without issue. We returned with a small amount of groceries, a full tank of gas and some products that one just can’t find in Canada. She expertly told them at the crossing what we spent and through we went, back home without a hitch.
As Hubby has Mondays off, we have been toying with the idea of a road trip together to test out our cross border shopping skills. Although we are still on a strict budget, we figured groceries would be an exception to our spending ban.
My palms were quite wet as we approached the border but Hubby handed over our passports and without a quiver in his voice simply stated that we would be getting gas and some groceries. The border guard allowed us through and we sighed in relief. Step one… done. Now the hard part… getting back in. Hubby and I proceeded to fill up the gas tank (holy much cheaper!) and we then headed to Walmart and then Price Choppers, trying our best to spend as little as possible. We picked up some spices and chip flavors that are unheard of “up north” and Hubby, on more than one occasion, hinted that we should attempt to bring back some booze. I put my foot down, as at nearly 9 months pregnant I did not want the added stress and I could only imagine having to have someone bail us out of jail! We headed back to the border and Hubby cheerfully advised the guard of our totals. We aren’t sure if it was the fact that Hubby looks like an intimidating man, or the fact that they couldn’t believe we simply bought groceries, but we were told to pull over for a search. Thankfully there wasn’t much for us to worry about, but it’s still a scary and stressful process as a Border Guard sifts through your car. I punched Hubby in the shoulder and whispered to him how lucky we are that we didn’t try to bring back a bottle or two of booze! The Guard was friendly enough and soon, upon finding nothing illegal, simply allowed us to go, not even asking us to pay for the taxes or fees that may have been associated with bringing back a fluffy bathmat or a flat of super cheap chicken wings. Was it worth it? Sure… but stick to your guns if your hubby tries to convince you to sneak a 12 pack home!


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