The Pinterest Cookie Challenge

The Pinterest Cookie Challenge

So we all have one. The Pinterest account where we squirrel away pictures of dream weddings, luxury houses and tasty baking that we’ll never really attempt. My account is filled with past wedding ideas, cute ideas for the baby, and dream backyard details. I admit…. I’ve actually re-created a few of the items I’ve pinned. A wooden frame with a burlap middle for files and misc paper, some dollar store baskets in my pantry making finding small items a breeze, and a large chalk board for the kitchen where we write menus for dinners and honey-do lists. But one album that I haven’t touched with a ten foot pole is my “Food Ideas and Tasty Treats”. I’m no baker. I can hardly cook. It’s not that I “can’t” cook. I just have an aversion to following recipes, so I usually stick to a few tried and true foods and stay clear of all baking in general. So here’s the challenge…check out your Pinterest account, find those food pics and make them. Yes, actually make a few of them! So, week 4 of my maternity leave, 3 weeks til Juniors arrival (although doctor suspects it could be anytime now), and using only items I have in my cupboard since EI hasn’t kicked in yet, here are a few of my first attempts. Complete with my version of their matching Pinterest picture (my pic is on the bottom).

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes: I’ve had these adorable little muffin tins floating around for a while, so I whipped up this easy recipe for chocolate cup cakes (for this one… yes I scratched open the box). I used up some left over icing from the fridge and voila, easy bite sized treat! Success!

Fudge Crinkle Cookies: I’ve had these cookies before and loved them, but of course that’s someone else making them, and anything tastes better when you haven’t made it yourself. I followed the recipe and even popped the balls into the fridge to cool a bit more before rolling in the icing sugar. My balls were bigger than they called for… and I paid for it when they spread into giant cookies…. but should I really be complaining? I give myself a B-

Chewy Strawberry Jello Cookies: I was intrigued by these colourful cookies so I figured I’d whip up a batch and see for myself how the colour would work out. It wasn’t the issue with the colour, the “dough” was just a big bowl of pink crumbs and it wasn’t forming into anything rollable. I squished some together into balls and did a trial run with a few but ended up adding an egg and more butter to the rest. This one was pretty much an utter failure. Maybe it was my pregnancy tummy but I hated the smell of them while cooking and although they tasted like strawberry cookies should taste (like strawberry), it’s not a taste I’m used to. I’d give this recipe a C-.  **added note: a day later after the strawberry smell left the kitchen, I discovered a tin of frosting in my fridge…. by making mini cookie sandwiches with the strawberry cookies and some vanilla icing they tasted actually pretty good, and I may try this one again, although I’ll check for other recipes**

Peanut Butter Cookies: Tried and true, the simple Kraft Peanut Butter recipe of simply a cup of peanut butter, half a cup of sugar and 1 egg, this recipe is easy, fast and was a pleasant finisher to my evening of baking (it IS 10pm and my ankles have swollen up from standing so much!!) A+ for this one!

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