Week 3 Maternity Leave Update

Week 3 Maternity Leave Update

Okay okay… it’s harder than it seems to set goals, attain them and then blog about them. Then add being pretty much 9 months pregnant on top of that, a handful of fitful naps and an overflowing calendar of events and social gatherings and I am not surprised that I missed updating my week 3.

More financial stress as my work, who told me that they could, did not pay me out my vacation which I was counting on. Ends up it’s against policy, which is fine, but no one thought to tell me. I checked my bank account and nearly went into labour right then and there. So after some phone calls I calmed down, they are nice people, but when you go off on mat leave, you don’t have income coming in, so you count on that last work pay tremendously! I was also able to get my Record of Employment from my work, which means after 3 weeks, I can finally apply for Employment Insurance. I decided to try the online application and immediately f#cked up, applying, by accident, twice. After some heated phone conversations with Service Canada I made my way to see an actual person in the closest small town. The lady was pleasant and helped me out which is a far cry from anyone you talk to over the phone. Now it’s the waiting game, waiting for my money to come in!

Also in week 3 I met up with an old high school friend. She found me on a local moms facebook group and so I headed over to her place (only 10 minutes away) and we sat and chatted about love, life and children (she has 2). She lives conveniently half way between our friends in the country who have 2 kids, and on a small cul-de-sac with a park. We plan on creating our own play group this summer and we’ll enjoy some time sitting in the shade rocking our baby carriers with our feet while we watch the older kids play. I can almost taste the iced tea now, and hear the creak of a wicker picnic basket opening just before a wayward ball covered in sand gets kicked our way.


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