Spring Has Arrived… Let’s Spend Money!

Spring Has Arrived... Let's Spend Money!

I don’t want to jinx it but I think spring is finally here. After months of Hubby complaining about the constant snow (and yes, it did feel like it was every day that Mother Nature would clobber us with a storm), and stuffing my giant belly into my parka and tromping around in my un-tied winter boots (bending over stopped about a month ago), Hubby has turned off the furnace and thrown open the windows and we found a pair of rubber boots that fit my swollen legs. There is hope for sure when both of our dogs will sit quietly on the back deck soaking up rays of sunshine and catching lady bugs that fly nearby instead of shivering and scratching to be let back in after a 20 second quick pee. The flyers for the local farm store has notices reminding all the country folk of chicken orders to be sent in and hip waders to be purchased. The snow is still clinging to the yard and the driveway is a muddy mess, but temperatures have been in the plus for a few days now (yes… it only takes a few days to give us Canadians hope that winter will release us from his frosty fingers).
And with spring in the air it’s finally time to spend more money. Yup, that’s right folks, my employment insurance has kicked in and we’ve budgeted our land taxes and have a plan to get further into debt by the time all of the snow has melted. A fence needs to be up soon so our first “kids” can run about the yard and poop somewhere else EXCEPT for a ten foot radius around our deck. Hubby and I sat down and made an estimate of how much fencing we’d need and by the end it was a heated debate about affordability, and the pros and cons of fencing in the entire back yard. We both know it needs to get done, but it’s a painful expense. With two dogs, one being agile enough to jump high over fences, and the other being small and compact to fit under or through fences, chain link is our best and safest option. It will also keep critters from entering our yard a bit more than a regular cattle fence would. It seems most of the neighbours have their dogs on the underground shock fencing, and this I would consider if my dogs weren’t stupid. Yup, I’ll be the first to admit that my “kids” are both runts of their litters and seem to be missing a few cards from their decks. If they saw a turkey crossing the back field or scented a deer, they would be gone, galloping fast through the invisible barrier, being shocked all the way through without a flinch. My dad jokes that he wonders if the shock keeps getting bigger and bigger the farther they run until out in the middle of the field *POOF* the dog would blow up. He laughs as he jokes about this, but I think he would get a kick out of seeing it happen (him being from true country blood, dogs to him are meant to be obedient and used for tracking deer… something USEFUL… which is a far cry from what Juno and Fid are).
So chain link it is, and with only estimates at this time, we’re looking at around $5000 to get the back yard fenced in, complete with 2 man-gates and 1 car-gate. We’ve planned out, on paper, an area for a future garden and shed, and have our sights on a bonfire pit. We’ll be lucky if we can pay off the fence by the end of the summer, but we can still dream about what we want 5 years from now. We have to get used to the fact that even though we can’t afford a new deck, hot tub, garden shed, or maybe even the garden right away, we still need to plan for it. So now the waiting game, the snow has to go before I can pull on my new rubber boots and we can measure and spray paint the perimeter of our yard, and head into the farm store to place our order. In the meantime I pray for chain link fencing to go on a massive sale or clearance!! Wish us luck!

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