Sweet Quick Breads for the Freezer

Sweet Quick Breads for the Freezer

Making quick breads are a quick way to empty out your pantry, create a great snack or breakfast treat, or distract one from studying for an exam. I’ve been collecting recipes for a while now that will use up left over fruit as Hubby and I were born as carnivores, we really need to sneak in some good stuff (even though it’s usually associated with breads and sugars). My first quick bread of the day is a simple banana bread, nothing fancy, nothing added, not even a single nut. The next was an apple caramel crumble loaf. The recipes are from some great blogging sites with many an awesome recipe.

Here is the recipe for the Banana Bread

And the Apple Loaf (I added chips of caramel from some treats we had in the cupboard)

I won’t be able to tell you how delicious they taste since they will be cooled and tossed in the freezer for emergency use, but I can tell you that my house smells of gently cooked apples and cinnamon. sweet bananas and oats toasted with brown sugar and melted buttery goodness.

I swear I’ll stop baking… I’ve got to concentrate on actual meal prepping…maybe some freezer casserole ideas or quick meal ideas with actual vegetables and meat. But to be honest I’m kind of excited that I can say “I bake” when I used to avoid anything to do with sugar, measuring cups and greasing muffin trays.

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One thought on “Sweet Quick Breads for the Freezer

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Really love your bake! It’s just so amazing!

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