Snow Geese and Babies

Snow Geese and Babies

So, a day after I wrote the exam for my dream job, Hubby and I went to the doctor’s to check up on Juniors progress, and once again we weren’t surprised that she was astounded by his size. She was concerned about letting him continue until full term (I suspect he is due much sooner than his April 22nd date), and she began a procedure to “get things started”. I certainly won’t go into too many details but it involved her manually separating some membranes which in turn should have started the labour process, or at least jump start the hormones. It was a painful procedure, quite surprising at how fast it was and very scary to know that labour could happen that day. BUT, that was not our day, nor the day after, nor now, 5 days later, as there have been no contractions and my water certainly hasn’t broken. Hubby and I have been very active this past week, just trying to jar Junior into thinking he’d be more comfortable on the outside than being jostled around in my big belly. We’ve raked out the gardens (with only a bit more snow to go… we’re almost there!), we’ve rearranged the garage boxes, moved heavy desks and gone on many a country drive where Hubby swerves to hit every pothole possible. It was on one of these drives that Hubby discovered that a few of his friends had actually moved nearby, and we stopped in to say hello to one. After pulling out of his driveway, Hubby noticed a gigantic flock of “seagulls”, but they suddenly started forming the tell-tale V of geese. I was so excited to see my first skein* of Snow Geese. I remember growing up and going to the bird sanctuary with my dad and seeing all the Canada Geese, and among the gaggle* you might be able to pick out 1 or 2 white geese, but I had never seen a full skein*. I’m not talking about 100, we’re talking thousands. The picture on the right with the tree is the one we took, it was so hard to get them all in one shot as they flew high overhead. But thousands, without exaggeration. What a beautiful sight. Also note the amount of water in the fields. As Winter leaves us, Spring is in full flood, and many a farmers field’s are now cold lakes.
*A group of geese is called a gaggle, a group in flight is called a skein and a group in flight in formation is called a wedge….. apparently


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