Too Close for Comfort

Too Close for Comfort

Two nights ago Hubby and I had the scare of a lifetime. As usual, we sent the dogs outside for their last pee before bedtime. My big girl gets tied up as she would certainly run off and the little one is loose as he never strays far. We usually watch them closely while they are outside to make sure they just do their business and come back in after. Our little man came back in asap, and I even made a comment that he was in a hurry to go to bed. I opened the door, let him in and closed it again. With the backyard illuminated by the deck light, we can see about 30 feet from the house. I looked back up and saw a coyote/wolf/coywolf running at my girl who was still tied up (she has about a 15 foot radius from the deck). I screamed and flung open the door, and Hubby came running from behind and made the scariest sound ever as loud as he could while I reeled in my girl by her tie-out. The attacker had been running, ears up, tail straight out and was coming in for a kill! With Hubby’s gutteral challenge it hightailed away and I was able to pull our dog inside and slam the door. Both Hubby and I were shaken. If we hadn’t been there watching, we’re sure that thing would have attacked our “kids”. Since the first few weeks of living here we hadn’t seen the coyotes other than playing way back in the field, but this was too close. And after a few minutes of absorbing what happened I recall this thing was taller than my dog… which almost makes me think it could have been a wolf. Hubby and I ran and put our boots on, grabbed pointy scary garden tools and ran outside, leaving the kids inside to watch as we tromped through the backyard in the dark, tiny flashlights in hand, making loud noises, but the attacker was gone. We’re so thankful that we caught it all before that thing had a chance to have a meal.

The next day I called up our neighbours, farmers, and they agreed it was time to address the wildlife. They even pointed out that a lot of their barn cats had gone missing, and that the coyote population was known around here to cross breed with wolves. I don’t care what it was… coyote, wolf, or coywolf, nobody threatens our kids, and no healthy wild animal should come that close to humans/houses! With our neighbours on alert, and with notice that they will send their hunter friends out to investigate for dens, I feel reassured. We’ll continue to be careful at dark and check before letting the kids out for their pee, but I’ll be on edge until we can get that fence up… but will a 5′ chain link stop a coywolf? It better, otherwise I’ll be looking at getting my gun carrying license again.

PS. After all that excitement I still didn’t go into labour!

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