Baby Time

Baby Time

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I swear there is a good reason. I’ve been quite busy trying hard, and eventually having, a baby. Last thursday we had a follow up appointment with our doctor who confirmed that Junior was still a big baby, but that he hadn’t grown to abnormal proportions and I should still have no issue delivering. After Hubby and I left, we went straight into town to try out a gelato place that is gaining popularity for their baby inducing gelato flavour. I’m of course skeptical, but would a pregnant lady turn down her hubby buying some gelato? I think not. I polished off a small tub of the spicy chocolate flavor and my mom came to pick me up to return me home while hubby went off to work. That afternoon my mom and I worked furiously on organizing the garage, hanging tools and work benches, trying hard to start my labour without overdoing it (before someone has a fit).
At 11:30 pm that night (which by the way was April 11th which was my guess as to the actual birth date) I felt the first contraction. By the next morning, after careful counting and documentation of the little cramps, Hubby and I were on our way to the hospital. Having never given birth before I had no clue what a contraction felt like, so we cooly spoke with the triage and were hooked up to the monitors. They confirmed I was in the beginning stages of labour but since I hadn’t started to dilate they sent us home. With a different description of pain level and contraction speed in order to return. Sigh…. so anti climatic. We drove home for a sleepless night of counting contractions. By the next morning I was hugging my kitchen island crying with every contraction. There was no way that I hadn’t gotten to the point where they could admit me. We got back in the car and headed back in. I was 3 cm….I needed 4 cm. Instead of driving back out to the country we stayed with my dad, and a few hours later, as I found myself kneeling over the pull out couch, Hubby insisted it was once again time. I was finally at 4 cm!!! Once admitted I was hooked up to all the bells and whistles and after the 3rd epidural I was flying high, not feeling a thing, but that also meant that I wasn’t dilating fast. It was until about 11:30am on Monday April 14 did I start pushing. At 12:58, “Junior” was born, a full head of hair and weighing 9lbs and 1oz. Hopefully by now you’ll know I haven’t named him “Junior” and in fact he has a great name, but Junior will be his blog name.
Our baby boy was pretty darn healthy except for some low blood sugar that had him staying an extra day at the hospital on IV, but that cleared itself up and we’ve been home, trying to sleep, and trying to get into a routine since thursday night. I’m beyond exhausted and my body is broken for sure (doesn’t help I’ve put out my back hunching over bassinets, nursery beds, and carrying a 9 pounder).

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