A front porch

A front porch

Today I had a friend and her baby come to visit. The house always seems to have a guest or two and it certainly keeps me busy. The extra hands are great to help out, or to simply enjoy some wine with. Today, my friend and I stuffed our babies in strollers and hiked down the country road. Our road is usually a very hard compacted gravel, almost as smooth as pavement, but today, of all days, they decided to re-grade the road leaving about 4 inches of soft mushy sand to walk in. Then truck after truck went by us spraying water on the new road to keep the dust down. I was stubborn and made my friend keep hiking, the wheels of the strollers wobbling in the muck. A good spirit and one up for adventure, she never complained. She asked me if I felt isolated out in the country (a question that seems to come up from every city friend we have) and I described getting to know our neighbours, getting phone calls from farmers down the street checking in, or how the lady across the street knows when we have visitors since she knows what cars come and go in our laneway. I described having a sore arm from waving at every passing car (something we were doing with each one that passed us) and at how we sometimes have 2-3 friends visiting on any given day. By the time we got back home, we decided to lounge in camp chairs on my front porch while our kids snoozed and not 20 minutes later a car pulled in our laneway. It was my neighbour from a few blocks away, stopping in to check on us. She stayed and chatted for a while before heading home. I’m looking forward to spending more time on our front porch, waving at cars, reading books, holding a snoozing Junior on my lap. In the city a front porch is used for a planter, maybe a welcome mat and that’s about it. A country porch on the other hand is the hub of a welcome committee. It’s the place to view the neighbourhood, to watch kids ride by on bicycles and to, of course, wave at every passing car. Tomorrow I’m bottling wine with some friends… which will of course be consumed while on the porch, and in our garage sits a half finished wooden bench which will become the future spot for flyer reading and coffee enjoying these coming summer months.

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