The Clothesline

The Clothesline

Out here in the country, one needs to be a few things. Crafty, hard working and thrifty are the main ones. And I’m pretty sure whoever invented clothesline had to have all three of those qualities. It’s bittersweet that I’ve inherited my moms old clothesline elevator (the part that you raise and lower the line with) because as a kid, it was another chore I disliked, the hanging of the clothes. But now, in our country house, with hydro bills that are nearly $200 a month, the clothesline will become our best friend. Not only does it dry our knickers, but hopefully it will save us money, not to mention my arms are getting a work out. It’s only the beginning of May and the warm weather today has dried two loads of laundry, this last one being a bin full of cloth diapers that I scored. The sun naturally bleaches any stains and soon Junior will be scooting about with a fashionable bum. Hubby won’t be too pleased to know that a few shirts and socks have flown off in the wind only to be trampled by the dogs in the mud, but one or two casualties are worth the economical savings that our clothesline will bring us.

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