Headboard Bench

Headboard Bench

One of my Pinterest projects I’ve had my eye on for a while was the headboard bench… the headboard becomes the back of a bench and the footboard, once split in half become the sides. Well a while back, before we moved from our townhouse, a friend and I spotted a beautiful headboard in the garbage. Not one to be above such things as dumpster diving, we carried it back and it sat half hidden behind a couch for almost a ear (hubby was none too impressed). But I knew it was destined to become a bench, I just needed the time, money, space, tools… etc to make it happen. Well, the time finally came and with help from my moms partner we tossed on a seat, screwed in some supports and slapped on some Tungsten coloured paint to make this awesome masterpiece that now sits on my front porch. I’ll be in the market for a cushion for it, and maybe some outdoor pillows but for now, its perfect for sitting with a coffee, putting on boots, or for reading a book. The project was quite easy with the right tools, really you just need a drill, some screws and a saw to cut the footboard, I encourage everyone to give it a whirl!

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