Another Wild (and disgusting) Encounter

Another Wild (and disgusting) Encounter

While working in the garden one day, my mom and I encountered a bug that literally made my skin crawl. This “thing” was waddling in circles around the top of my rain barrel and looked to be about 4″ long. The front legs looked like little shovels and it’s beady ears looked around for it’s next victim. I quickly took to Google to solve the mystery and came up with it’s name. “The Giant Water Bug is one of the largest insects in the U.S. and Canada. Giant water bugs are approximately 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in length. Some species grow as long as 4 inches (10 cm). Because it often turns up under street lights and porch lights, it is also one of the most asked about insects. It is commonly mistaken for a beetle or even a cockroach. Alternate names include toe biter because they can deliver a nasty bite, and electric light bug because they are attracted to lights.”….Toe biter? Are you kidding me? I will be tapping out my rain boots before sticking my feet inside from now on! Maybe the most disgusting thing about the whole ordeal was that once I had posted this picture to my Facebook page a friend of mine said her son pulled out a tin box he had, and inside was the body of one of these monsters. He had found one and kept it in his room.

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One thought on “Another Wild (and disgusting) Encounter

  1. June says:

    Oh, shudder! I think I’d run a mile if I found this in my garden!

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