Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

As the round of birthdays are fast approaching (august for both Hubby and I), I find myself contemplating what I want for my birthday. No matter what I think of, it is something for the house, not really something for myself. New clothespins, an apple or weeping willow tree, drywall for my craft room walls… etc. Its amazing how we go from asking for popular toys as kids, gift certificates to the mall as a teen, to a case of beer as an adult. Now as a homeowner, my wishlists, to-do lists and honey-do lists all revolve around fixing up, improving, repairing or removing things around the house or the yard. So I’m trying to really think about what I want that doesn’t scream “I just bought a house and need stuff”. Today I witnessed a few swallows hanging out on the clothes line, and I think a bird house would be nice. But do you do single family? A swallow birdhouse/mansion is usually huge, and would probably need it’s own pole as I doubt our poor old clothes line post could handle the weight. Or maybe a bat house. I’m sure hubby would love anything that will host critters that will reduce the amount of bugs out here (I’ll save hubby’s displeasure with the bugs to another post). I’ll have to put more thought into it, although to simply be able to plant a tree each year would make me happy.

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One thought on “Birthday Wish List

  1. Eleanor says:

    Both Jay and I can supply you with comments about bugs. This is the first summer here in the area for us as well and it has been a bad year for mosquitos everywhere (I guess a good year if you are a mosquito) I am a bug (mosquito especially) magnet. My husband bought me one of those extension wands with a hand on the end of it at the Dollar Store to scratch those hard to reach places. I have a small zipper bag that I carry with me 24/7 that contains: 2 tubes After Bite (plus I carry 1 in my purse), 1 Benedryl spray, Claritin tablets, Allergy eye drops, Aveno cream and calamine lotion. This is my arsenal of after being stung and bitten…….I also have a cache of no less than about 6-7 assorts brand named cans of OFF , Deep Woods OFF, Muskol, DEET, Cutter (I keep a can strategically placed at each door in the house so I don’t forget to spray myself before going outside)…and then there’s the other repellents I keep on the deck….coils, citronella and garlic spray…..none of which really work well. This summer has not been fun.

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