It’s Fence Time

It's Fence Time

Tis the season! The sun has come out, and its the first haying cut of the season, which means our neighbour and past owner of the house will be cutting the back field. While he was owner of this house, he actually used the back third of the property as his field, so we’ve got hay where we’d eventually like grass. Since we love our neighbours, and they seem to love us, our farmer has been cutting the hay in time for us to start construction on our black chain link fence that was delivered to us last week. Over $4000 in fencing and we still need to install it ourselves. We have over 80 posts to install and over 14 rolls of chainlink.
Day one of install went slow, painfully slow as my dad, and captain of construction, who is a perfectionist took his time to measure and set the first few poles in order to line us up properly for the rest. Hubby, my father in law, and our friend grappled with the two man auger, and dug all the holes for the cemented poles and my step mother and I helped pour cement and level posts. It was a hot and sweltering day and we didn’t get a quarter of the work done. We knew it was a major project but we didn’t realize just how slow it was going to be. BUT when you want something done right, take your time, make sure it’s done perfectly and it will last for many years. My dad will be returning tonight to help take down a dead tree from our neighbours yard that looks like it will have a death wish to land on our future fence. (I procured permission from our neighbours by bringing them a banana bread fresh from the oven, and we even get to keep the wood when the tree comes down). Hopefully within a week or two I can finally post a picture of the actual fence… but right now our yard is just a perimeter of poles sticking out of the ground.

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