The Problem With Bread…


The bread recipe that I mentioned earlier has been causing me issues. “Issues”, meaning I’ve been making too much bread. I’m not a small woman, so extra carbs, delicious or not, are dangerous to my post-baby body. I love baking the bread and coming up with new flavours but I don’t want my new country life to go straight to my thighs.
I’ve made another round of bread, a rosemary cheddar, that I inhaled, an onion loaf and an olive loaf. Since I needed to get the extra loaves out of my kitchen I strapped Junior into his stroller and we travelled across the street to distribute the extra bread to my neighbours, the ones that helped us mow our grass and then over to the farmers, the past owners of the house. They gladly accepted my offerings and I promised more if they enjoyed them. I miss the days where Hubby and I had quiet evenings to ourselves to enjoy a bottle of wine, fine cheeses and toasted bread with various spreads. Junior has put a dent in our charcuterie nights, but at least in the meantime I can practice my rustic bread making techniques. Next up will be some buns, using the same recipe, to bring to my grandparents place.


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