Unleash the Hounds!!


After over a month of work filled weekends slaving over post diggers and augers, pouring concrete, stretching chain link and feeding dozens of helpers, our fence is pretty much done. There are just a few gates to be adjusted and some wires to put up to attach the fencing to the posts so it doesn’t sag.  Our final day of work we had enlisted some friends from town and some family and everyone pitched in for one last push to get it all up.  With three sides up we were down to the final one when we heard someone exclaim…. “Dude! Are you okay??!!” Looking up from the gate I was installing I saw Hubby bent over, hands on his head…blood dripping down.  I yelled for him to start walking (it made no sense for me to run to him since he had 3 helpers around him and he was about 150 feet from the house).  I ran for the first aid kit, but when I came outside with it I found Hubby had made it to the front steps, keeping his hands on his head, but the blood just kept coming.  I traded in the first aid kit for the car keys and we hurtled down the country roads to the hospital, only 10 minutes away. Relief only came when we were in triage and Hubby could finally remove his hands from the top of his head, and for a second I thought I would see exposed bits of brain or a clear view of his thick skull, but it was “only” a deep cut that was a bleeder.  Hubby had been hammering one of the posts with a very heavy post pounder, which is a steel pipe filled with concrete with two handles.  He went to lift it off the post but misjudged how far he had to go and it slipped back and fell onto his head. 10 stitches later we were back on the road and with just a splitting headache Hubby was back working at the fence. 

The day concluded with all fencing up and most gates in place and the others at least wired up so the dogs couldn’t escape.  We had a ceremonial unleashing of the dogs and for the first time ever both dogs ran free, more like galloped wildly, without a care.  Hubby was a bit sore for a few days and he certainly doesn’t want to hear the word “fence” anytime soon.  I told him that he should at least have a better story for his head wound.  Maybe a bear attack, or a hand to hand combat against the coyotes.


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