Goodbye Frankenstein, Hello Hulk


Frankenstein has been a thorn in our side since his arrival.  Hubby and I truly wanted him to work as his vintage tractor body was surely a sight to be seen powering through our grass.  But almost each time Hubby has started him up (or tried to), he has belched, farted, refused to mow, or stalled (the ride-on mower, not Hubby). My father, ever the handy mechanic, has dutifully trekked out to save us, has tried numerous repairs, and even my Grandfather, the past owner of Frankenstein, has sent parts up to my father in hopes of getting our machine running again. Each time that Frankenstein returns to us we celebrate, and then when we try to mow, one thing or another fails, leaving Hubby swearing up a storm, as he’s not mechanically inclined (and neither am I).

We’ve been making due with another of my father’s hand me downs.  An older model self-propelled push mower.  Which at least is better than hauling a regular mower around but the task of cutting our grass now takes 6 hours, usually broken up into several mornings.  And this endless task seems to be on going, since you finish the last section of the yard and then you need to start over again as a week has nearly passed since you started the first section.

Frankenstein died again, the smell of burning plastic has sent Hubby riding back into the garage before a single blade of grass could be cut.  We know that second hand is a saving grace when one is broke (which we are!), but when the task of cutting the grass takes 3x as long, and is now 4x as stressful than it should be, we need to start looking at getting our own mower. 

Hubby’s dad, who works in real estate, received an offer from one of his seller’s to purchase a ride on mower which the guy won’t need anymore.  As we are still catching up on land taxes and still paying off the fence, oh and don’t forget about replacing our brand new dishwasher, we are considered very broke and any purchase right now seems insane, but if the price is right and the payment plan works, then we have to sadly send Frankenstein back to my Grandfather.


Hulk, as our new mower has been named, has arrived, and Frankenstein has returned to where he came from. Our big green John Deere mower is smooth sailing…well, almost, one of the blades is lower than the other, leaving quite the pattern in our grass. But nothing is easy for us, and Hubby will need to take a look at it.  Hulk is a John Deere D130 series and came with a sweeper. As long as we don’t have to drive my truck around to give him a boost, he should fit right in.  Here’s to happy mowing!


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