Rain Barrels


Projects around the yard are starting to get done.  One such project are my rain barrels.  I bought one used on Kijiji and the other I got for free since it has a dent in the bottom.  Since these rain barrels are pretty useless if they are put directly on the ground (the taps are right at the bottom so getting a hose or a bucket under it is hopeless), I raised them up.  My dad had suggested a tire rim and from a previous post you’d know that my grandfather had found me the rims to complete this project.  I leveled the ground, or tried to, since I kept having to chase away our little dog since he smelled the manure in the top soil and decided to roll in my project.  I then layered some left over bricks to create a base, then a few large patio stones (thanks to our neighbours).  Popped the rims on top and placed the barrels on those.  I’ve connected the overflow from one to the other, so with the first rain, both barrels are now full.  

I’m not entirely happy with it, but it will do for now.  When we get the garden going and a shed, the barrels will be moved there to provide a water source to the vegetables and I think I would like to raise them far off the ground, maybe using an old wooden work shop table and combine it into a potting table as well.  But, it works for now! 


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