Recycled Firepit

fire pit garden

I love finding new uses for old items.  This of course drives Hubby nuts as my half-finished projects can be found all over the house.  In my defense though, I have a baby; Junior takes up a lot of my time and if I had the time and the tools, all of my projects would of course get done.  A while ago I sent Hubby out to pick up a treasure I had found, a local lady was giving away a perfectly good rusty old fire pit.  I’m sure he grumbled all the way there and all the way back.

What could I do with a bunch of rusty metal? What couldn’t I do!! Bird feeder?  Repair it and have it as a more intimate fireplace?  Maybe a flower pot?  Or water feature?  In the end (after about three months of it taking up space in the garage), I simply ripped off the old grate sides, gave it a new coat of black paint and plopped it in our front garden where hostas grows up through the middle.  I think it looks nice and ties in nicely with the dark accents on the front porch.


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