Pinterest Fail or Just a Fumble?


I love making things that I find on Pinterest, and one project that caught my eye was a tiki torch but with a solar light inside.  I ran off to my local Dollarama and purchased the supplies….. really, all you need is a tiki torch and a solar light.  I came home so happy with my prize, as summer supplies are being torn from the shelves and Halloween décor is making its way into its place (seriously? It’s August!!). I pulled out the fuel cartridge, clipped off a few ties and inserted the solar light inside. I didn’t even need to attach it as it sits nicely, but one could add some rope or glue gun it in place.  This is a GREAT project.  Safe for around kids and pets.  Imagine these around the bonfire, or in the front garden to welcome guests.  One downfall though… don’t expect any solar light to work if purchased from the dollar store. Sigh.  Looks nice, but doesn’t work.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled on Kijiji looking for someone selling or giving away their solar lights, but by that time, all the tiki torches will be replaced with witch hats.  Oh well, worth a shot.


One thought on “Pinterest Fail or Just a Fumble?

  1. Julie Low says:

    Aer you sure you didn’t just forget to remove the little tab on the solar light? I bought a few there earlier in the season, and half of them had been removed, the other half not… I thought I had some duds, until I took a closer look. There might be a little strip (like a plastic tab used to pull out a very small battery on the bottom)… good luck!!!

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