Bonfire Party


After our move Hubby and I wanted to have a house warming to thank all of our friends and family for helping us move.  With the birth of Junior and the rush of summer days, we find ourselves mid-summer with nothing but a few dinners of thanks given out.  We decided to hold a bonfire night, inviting everyone we know and a few neighbours too.  Invitations were sent, some by mail and others through social media.  We decided for a roast your own hot dog menu along with a s’more bar and baskets of chips.  We’d provide some beer for family and friends and lots of pop, water and juice for the kiddies…


Since I was swamped with prep work, I never did quite finish the blog post, so now here is the update of how it went…. it was a very busy few days, buying up all the hot dog buns in the store, ordering massive all beef dogs through Hubby’s contacts, and picking up the paper signs from the print shop.  We set up tables, dragged old couches out to the bonfire pit and set up screened tents (which was a saviour since we have no shade yet!) and filled huge glass punch dispensers with berry, orange and lemonade mixtures. I had the guys drag out a large chalk board for the kids to play with and all the grass was cut, once again with the help of my dad.  Chips went into baskets, coolers were filled with ice, and finally by about 4pm, I could breathe a little. We ended up having 30 people over, from friends and neighbours to family.  Kids ran amok, adults lounged, and everyone seemed to have a good responsible time.  We even had one of Hubby’s old friend’s show up unexpectedly and quite the crowd stayed well into the night. My favorite moments were drawing on the chalk board with a friend’s son, whom I’ve only met once before, and late into the night, my dad found his guitar and strummed us all a few tunes, reminiscent of bedtime when we were 7 years old, my sister and I curled up in our bunk beds.

 We had a few people stay over, some in tents, some in RVs and one of best friends insisted on sleeping on the couch by the fire….he probably woke up covered in dew! I served up a hearty pancake breakfast the next day and Hubby and I curled back into bed when everyone had left.  A good party.


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