Saturday Morning Poultry Auction

poultry auction

My poor Hubby probably wasn’t too impressed with me as I woke him up early to attend a local poultry auction this morning.  I know he wanted to go, but he came home late (or should I say early) and a good nights sleep was not attained, an 8am start time on a saturday is not a fun thing. But he knew we were going so it was all fair game! 

We had attended one previous auction, one that we stumbled across on one of our country drives, and we just caught the tail end of it. We had followed the auction signs for the fun of it and eventually found ourselves outside an old community hall, the parking lot full of activity. Honking geese were being loaded into pick ups, and boxes of bunnies were grasped tight by little boys in blue jeans running for their cars, already arguing over what to name them. Hubby and I sat in and watched peacocks and ducks, all stuffed in boxes, get shoved across a makeshift table to the auctioneers waiting hands.  We nearly bought ourselves a duck that day, as we got caught up in the excitement, but common sense prevailed.  

But now, with a country house in our name and a garden and shed in our near future, we don’t need to listen to common sense when it comes to poultry anymore. Okay, okay, maybe a little. We attended today’s auction knowing it was a “research only” event since we still haven’t decided what feathered friend we should try raising.  We met up with a co-worker and her son who live nearby, and with our Tim Horton’s coffees in hand we previewed the many boxes of hens, geese, bunnies, and roosters. Every sort of country folk attended. Beards, suspenders, plaid, and mesh backed caps seemed to be the dress code.  I spotted a few pekin ducks in a box, lot #25 and was determined to stay to see how much they went for. We settled in and between Hubby, co-worker and myself, Junior was happy to bounce from lap to lap while the auction began. 

The very first lot of 3 chickens sold for mere dollars, and each box that followed were jaw dropping deals. Hands flew up in the air and the auctioneer drummed on, calling out numbers frantically and watching the crowd (don’t even think about adjusting your hair at one of these as you might soon enough find yourself the proud new owner of a box of ducklings).  The gentleman beside me bought a big turkey for $26, and a box of 8 little chicks for $4! Hubby kept swearing he would bid, especially when boxes of cornish hens and ring necked pheasants passed under the auctioneer’s hands, the temptation was strong but he withheld.  We made it to lot #8 before Junior was done with it, a whole hour and 15 mins in.  I will never know what the ducks sold for in lot #25, but with the prices we saw, we won’t have much to worry about next year when the time is right to buy. 

Our research continues and the pros and cons will be weighed… meat chickens, heritage egg layers or ducks. Sigh.. oh to be rich and have a barn so I could get some of each! 


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