Creamy Leek & Potato Soup


As a thank you to our neighbour who kept our dogs alive while we were out of town showing Ethan off, I decided to have her over for lunch.  There isn’t an excuse to serve tomato soup from a can or tuna sandwiches, so I decided to put on my apron and see what I could create in the kitchen.  I was torn between a creamy roasted tomatillo soup (my tomatillo plants are dying fast since the nights are getting pretty chilly, so I really wanted to use them up before they went to mush), but the colder nights had me leaning towards a creamy potato soup, in which I could use up the last of my red skinned potatoes that my grandparents sent me home with.  I scoured Pinterest for interesting soups and finally settled on a creamy leek and potato soup.  I had never worked with leeks so this definitely caught my interest. I only needed to pick up a little carton of cream and the leeks and everything else I had on hand, including the chicken stock which I had made myself just last weekend (also a first which I should have blogged about).

I pulled the stock out of the freezer and started chopping my ingredients!  My recipe is a bunch of different soups combined as I have an issue with following recipes exactly.  I’ll try to recreate it here for you.

Finely chop up two leeks using only the whites and pale greens (reserve the dark greens to freeze for resting under your thanksgiving turkey to add flavor to your gravy).  Once your leeks are chopped, you may, like me, discover you’re supposed to some how wash the darn things, so put them in a colander and rinse the little pieces.

Cook your leeks with 2 tbs of butter in a pot for approx 10 mins. Add salt and pepper (a few pinches of each). Don’t brown the leeks, just cook until they begin to be transparent.

Add 2 cups of water, 2 cups of chicken stock and 4 peeled and diced potatoes.

Simmer for 20 minutes until potatoes start to soften. Take your potato masher and mash up approx half of your pot, leaving some nice chunks of potato.

Now, the fun part, I realized that I now had a giant pot of the soup base and not enough cream. This ends up to be a good thing, I reserved half the pot (cool and freeze in ziplocks) for future use. All you will need to do is re-heat and add cream another day (cream based soups tend to separate when frozen, so add cream later).  I only bought a small 237ml carton of cream, which I now added to the newly reduced amount of soup. Stir and season to your liking.

I served my soup with a plain crusty bread which I also baked this morning and we enjoyed this lunch out on the front porch while we exchanged our gossip and news about our children.


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