What a Week


What a week. From thawing turkeys to cold snaps and heat waves, this week has been about teething babies, run away dogs and a pile of wood crafts!

Let’s start with turkey weekend. My heart was in it, but my body wasn’t. I’ve been looking forward to hosting my dad’s Thanksgiving dinner here for a while now, and have been menu planning for a while, but when it came down to actually cleaning the entire house by myself (hubby had to work part of the weekend) while juggling a teething 6 month old, and prepping food for a small crowd of 6, I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and go curl up in bed.

But I managed to get the house somewhat sparkling for a whole 2 hours, the turkey into the oven and I even baked my own bread to make into stuffing using my mom’s recipe. (see below for recipe).  We served creamy leek and potato soup, and then the usual feast of turkey and sides. I had purchased my turkey from the states and for some reason it cooked in 3 hours…. Which is very strange. What do they put in their turkeys?  My dad cracked his tooth on my herb and cheddar bread (it had a delicious crust to it and in my defense his tooth was on borrowed time anyways) and my sister made a pecan pumpkin pie concoction for dessert.

We’ve had freezing cold weather this week and then a sudden heat wave that took us up to the mid to high 20s. Junior has been teething, so he’s grumpy, oh and add in his snotty cold (a side effect of finally taking him to play group) and no one has been sleeping!

Lack of sleep must have gotten the best of hubby since he was out cleaning up the yard and left one of the gates open. Long story short…one of our dogs escaped and went running through the fields leaving me sobbing at the kitchen window watching my furrbaby run off, and Junior crying in his exersaucer after being scared from me screaming after my dog. I finally grabbed Junior and we ran half a field to catch my dog. Hubby had left for work and all the neighbours were at out, leaving me feeling quite helpless.

On a fun note, I’ve rented a table at a Christmas craft fair in November and have been busy making burlap items and rustic wooden signs. Hopefully it will help with the cost of Christmas or even pay off a bill or two.

Well, time is short these days, and Junior has begun to scream after a very short nap. Poor baby. Time for cuddles.

Stuffing Recipe

Disclaimer: all amounts are approximate, all ingredients are debatable, each time I make it I add new things and I actually have never tried to write it down before.

Cut or tear some bread into a big bowl (make enough that you think to yourself…”holy that’s a lot of bread”) Set bowl on top of fridge overnight to allow bread to dry out. I use the bottom of the turkey pan so that the little bits left over from making the stuffing help add flavour to the drippings.

Add a dollop of butter or margarine

Mix in 2 cups of finely chopped onions

Throw in a handful of “poultry spice” (no clue what it’s made of… but the package is actually called “poultry spice”)

Salt and pepper until you cough

Chop up a cup and a half of cooked bacon

½ cup of warm water

Remove all rings and watches and get elbow deep in that bowl and mix thoroughly. Taste as you go to make sure it’s seasoned enough (this is also why you want to make lots, because if you are like me you will eat a lot of it before it’s even cooked). The mixture should ball up when you grab a handful, ie the margarine should be the glue that binds it.

Cook on low for 5-6 hours in a slow cooker, stirring often to prevent over-crustiness.


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