Just an Update


Nearly a year ago we were walking through this dream house wondering how we could afford it.  A year ago we were only a few months pregnant. A year ago we were boxing up our stuff to start our new lives in the country.

Today, we are house poor, but house happy, our son is 6 months old and our stuff, is mostly out of the boxes.

I’m finishing up my coffee now to write this, after working for an hour shifting around the remnants of wood from last season in our wood room to make way for hopefully 2 or 3 cords of new wood for this season. We were late and didn’t order our wood in the spring so we’ve purchased a few cords from a friend of my sister’s. We had asked my grandparents for a contact for wood that they trusted, and a friend of a friend of a friend gave them some guy’s name. I looked him up but he was sold out for the season, so was his son.  I’ll save that guy’s name for next year since our new wood guy is almost an hour away and we’ve got to go pick it up. With a 6 month old, Hubby’s schedule, and our lack of trailer driving experience, it isn’t something we are looking forward to, but the price is right.

So the wood is piled, the wood furnace is pumping the house full of heat on this damp fall day, and the dogs are fast asleep on the couch.  I’ve always got something to do around the house, and crafting has become top priority to prep for the craft fair in a month. I’ve got burlap pillows, wood signs, clothespin snowflake ornaments, burlap and ribbon Christmas tree bows and plenty of other “stuff” that I’m hoping people will buy for gifts or holiday decor. Today a lady emailed me to see if I would attend another craft sale at the end of November after seeing my ads on Kijiji. I have a feeling I’m booked that day, but if not, this might be quite lucrative. Can I write off table fees at craft sales as an expense when I start claiming my business?


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