Pure Purees

baby food

The time has come! Junior is starting to eat real food. He is probably eating a heck of a lot better than his mom and dad. Hubby and I are notorious for eating horrible and of course our bodies show it. We’re still healthy but we’re bigger people and I don’t run… unless it’s to chase after my dog who was running away.

We are starting to live more active lives and waking more with Junior up and down the road. Even house-life has us burning more calories. Stacking wood, installing fences, running up and down stairs and carrying a hefty child has definitely slimmed us down a bit, but we’ve got a far ways to go. Eating healthy is now a family goal and now that Junior is taking big bites of yummy pureed food, it’s time mommy and daddy did the same (perhaps we won’t blend ours up so much though).

But, one step at a time here, let’s start with Junior.  Always looking to save money I was at the grocery store when I saw some discounted veggies and fruit newly packaged for sale. I scooped up pears, avocado, sweet potato, and some bananas. Nearby I found some local grown squash, acorn and butternut.  Junior has been eating his rice cereal for about a week now so I was excited to start introducing new flavours to him, as I really want him to enjoy the healthy choices as well. Plus, have you looked at the salt and sugar content of most baby foods? And yes there are healthy options, but you pay a lot for them!

I really don’t need to give you recipes of all the purees I made… a monkey could make them. Cook, steam, bake, puree with an immersion blender or even a potato masher if you are desperate. Add water until desired consistency and freeze in ice cube trays. Transfer to labelled ziplock bags later.

We now have a month’s supply of the following purees: sweet potato with cinnamon, acorn squash, butternut squash, a combo of the two squashes, berry and pear mix, pear, carrots, and sweet potato. Today I’m whipping up the banana mash (I’m not sure how that will hold up in the freezer, and the thawing process at feeding time).

At meal times Junior gets a bowl with a few table spoons of rice cereal and another bowl of one of the cubes (thawed or nuked until warm). Once in a while I’ll grab two cubes to mix up the flavours for him. When he has accustomed to most of the new fruits and veg, I’ll start mixing and matching and adding new ones in. I’m excited to try chicken and potato, peas and sweet potato, white bean and kale, spinach and chicken, beets and blueberries. Oh the possibilities!


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