How many days until Christmas?


We are in the process of turning our formal dining room into a play room for him, complete with foam floor and giant chalk board. Our eat-in dining room area is large enough to seat 12 or more, so the loss of the room will be no inconvenience to us. We’re trying to source some left over paint and we’re using some old crib sides as doorway gates (just need to add some hinges and latches). All this is perfect timing since Junior is now officially crawling.  For the past few weeks I’ve had to endure the whiny phase where the poor guy would get up on all fours, rock back and forth, and then fall to his tummy in shrieks of frustration.  But now, with the coordination and cooperation of all of his limbs, he scuttles about the room, from one toy to the next. In fact, now that his brain has wrapped itself around the process of crawling, Junior seems to have proceeded in leaps and bounds in awareness. He will study his toys, deciding between two, or slowly feel our faces and give open mouth kisses. Everyone says that we don’t want to rush him growing up, but with each new day, and new discovery, our son flourishes. Now with the playroom, he can safely crawl about while I prep breakfast in the kitchen, or I can enjoy coffee while nestled in a big white wicker chair that we’ve pulled to the playroom to save it from the impending snow of the front porch.  I’ve even noticed Junior looking for “cuddles”. He will crawl over to me, raise his arms to be picked up, then once happily seated on my lap, he will reach for a toy or bottle. I’ll get whichever it is that he is looking for and he will sit content, leaning against me for a few minutes.

With the transition to crawling, we are also in another transition. From Fall to Christmas. The family Christmas dinner invites are in the mail (Hubby and I are hosting my father’s family for a formal dinner), and I’ve dragged multiple Rubbermaid boxes upstairs to pull out the best of the holiday decorations. We’ve decided to purchase a REAL Christmas tree this year, a first for us ever. I love the smell of the evergreens, the scent of pine mixing with the cinnamon of baking cookies. I’m a bit stuck as to where to put the growing mound of presents that I’ve already purchased and wrapped. Our dogs are not trustworthy, and so they have been assigned a corner of a room, and have started to climb onto the pine hutch. I almost want to set up our fake tree in the meantime, but I think Hubby would think I was nuts, or he would then vote for laziness and skip getting a real tree once the fake one was up. Sigh. So I’ll have to be happy with a few garlands, lights and wreaths for now.  Hubby has agreed to help me find some birch branches to decorate the front door planters, and I’ll of course, utilize some jute rope and burlap for accents. A good rustic Christmas is to be had.  I can’t wait for Junior to be crawling through tissue paper, and staring in awe at twinkling lights.

In one of the Christmas boxes were all of last year’s Christmas cards. What does one do with them? So I checked the internet and decided the least tacky DIY was to make them into gift tags. With some snipping and hole-punching, I soon had myself a stack of brand new very adorable gift tags. Now that’s smart!

Tis (almost) the season!


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