The Card


Time to think about the family Christmas card!  The snow is on the ground today, not sure if it will stay but the cars are covered and as per last year we once again don’t have a snow blower ready. Hubby is still sleeping, and Junior just went down for his morning nap, and I’m left here sitting at the computer searching the internet for creative family christmas card ideas. Do we do weird? Classic? Cute? I’m more leaning for classic weird. I mean if you have the power/creative genius to make your own Christmas card, why be normal? Why be the card that sits on someone’s mantle place and gets hidden by all the other generic Christmas cheer. I want someone to look at our card and say… “wow… that’s awesome”.  We’ve got to work in Junior and maybe even the dogs, I’m seeing a fireplace, a man with a pipe and milk and cookies. Hmm, or maybe Junior in a little car with a tree strapped to the roof (but that’s already been done). Ugly sweaters? Probably overdone. Baby wrapped in lights…. well we did that with the dogs a year or two ago, so no. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about it.

Ps. My dog thought it was Christmas morning the other day and started opening gifts. Thankfully she didn’t ruin anything, but it meant another hour of re-wrapping. But who am I kidding… I love wrapping gifts!!  I can’t wait for Christmas!


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