Garden Sketch


Well the snow is on the ground. Almost 4 inches of it. And the posts for my garden fence.  Well, they are on the ground too.  I guess I was pushing my luck trying to get two fences installed this year. Everyone was very happy when the chain link fence was completed, and I think I saw a shiver of fear go through family members when I mentioned putting up my garden fence.  My theory was that if I could get my fence up in the fall, that I could have the neighbour farmer drop off some old manure for me to spread. I’d also have time to till the garden, or at least half of it so it was ready for planting come springtime. Since the area of the garden is quite wet in the spring, having the ground already turned would mean earlier planting (ie, as soon as the water drains away).  But, alas, the snow is here, and seems to be here to stay.

But there is always time to plan my garden, and plan for next year’s flowers and vegetables. I’ve already started my collection of seeds, catching them as they go on clearance.  I’ve even got them organized in a plastic shoebox, and indexed.  I’ve got a rough plan for the veggies, and I still dream of a 3 sectioned composter and a big shed that will hold all garden tools and perhaps the ducks or chickens.

One issue I had last spring since it was our first here, was the fact I had no clue what was in the garden until half way through summer when things finally blossomed. Now that I know my garden, I’ve created a perennial map of my gardens.  Now, come spring, I’ll be able to know what’s what and can split, divide, give away and tend to my garden without much head scratching.  I know I have empty spaces in the garden, so now I can transplant to fill them, or be ready to purchase plants on sale knowing they have a home. Luckily I don’t need too many and am very happy with the hostas, blazing star, and solomon’s seal. I even was able to squeeze in a planting of allium bulbs to add some colour next year (although another package will now need to wait for spring).  But with my sketches in hand I know which plants will need splitting and which ones I want to relocate.  I’ll have to re-do the drawings and look up a few plants since I don’t think “fuzzy purple tops” will help me much. Haha.


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