Santa Needs to Sell Some Stuff In Order To Buy Stuff


Today’s a good day for cleaning, organizing, baking, snuggling and de-cluttering. Baby is asleep, Hubby is at work, the wind is howling outside and blowing snow through the back fields (brrr, it looks so cold out there), and the banana bread is baking. I made horrible muffins this morning.  No, I’m not exaggerating, they are horrible. Since I started buying farm fresh eggs from the neighbour, I have to remember that they just aren’t the same as the industrial eggs you get in the store. I should have tossed in two eggs instead of one, and since I didn’t, my muffins are a crumbly mess…even peanut butter won’t hold them together to eat them. Oh well, at least the batch only made 12 muffins…only 11 more to go! The banana bread should be better, I adjusted the eggs, omitted any nuts and added chocolate so Hubby might actually eat it.

We’re burning through wood faster than we thought so we’ve got to think about ordering more, but this late in the season I bet we might just be out of luck, or we’ll be charged up the rear for it. Hydro bills have hiked up on the pretense that we are using our furnace more and we aren’t hanging out our laundry to dry, but it went up nearly $60 a month… so our bill is now a whopping $241!!  We’re on monthly here remember.  So imagine my frustration when you add in our home phone, our cell phones, our insurances, mortgage, car payments, and the fact we have 1 income…well, it makes for a frustrating time before Christmas.

My craft fair that I attended went well, but let’s just say the results will only pay one of our bills. It was definitely fun and I’ll do it again, but I need to come up with more cash in order to help support this family. Hubby brings in good money, but it’s whipped out of his hands before he has time to count it in order to pay everything. The poor guy hasn’t bought himself nice in a while, and we haven’t had a night out in a bit. I’m vowing today to go through the house and prep items for sale on the internet. Clearing out the old helps to de-clutter, and hopefully we can make a quick buck (Christmas is coming and Santa needs to finish up his shopping)! I love Kijiji, the used item website, and I find all kinds of treasures on there for Christmas gifts and essentials we’ll need for the house, but what’s even better is making a sale. We’ve got baby car seats, booster seats and carriers, we’ve got toys and home décor, and all of my left over stock from the craft fair. It’s all gotta go!  So I’m off to clean, de-clutter and organize, and maybe later I can enjoy a coffee, some flyers and hopefully I won’t choke on a dry muffin.


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