Behold! One heck of a tree!


Christmas has come to the household! I look forward to the shorter winter days since the sooner the sun goes down, the sooner I can plug in the lights of our first real Christmas tree since Hubby and I met. Our beautiful but fake tree is still stuffed under the basement stairs and will be pulled out soon to go to my dad’s on loan for the season. I was so excited to convince Hubby that a real tree was a great tradition for Junior to experience…and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cut pine. Yeah, we might have had to cut it several times. Even with good intentions of premeasuring the height needed we dragged that thing through our house and heaved it about, up and down it went until finally we tipped it up, tightened the stand and voila! A perfectly slanty tree…oops, down once more, one more cut, and voila! A perfectly straight tree!

Several strands of my white lights have kicked the bucket over the past year, probably jostled in the move, but Hubby dutifully sat removing and replacing light bulbs until the culprit was found. The holiday music played softly, rye and cokes were in hand and Junior was fast asleep while we decorated the tree. I’m so proud of our ornaments and the story our tree tells. I have antique ornaments from my mother’s side, and each year Hubby and I buy an ornament to represent something that happened that year. One year we found a big diamond ring (perfect since we got engaged), another year I ordered a photo ornament with our wedding photo on it, last years was a golden key for the purchase of our house and this year a little giraffe with Juniors real name on it. I also added a light bulb to our tree. When Hubby changed out the light fixture for the back yard, the bulb he found there looks like it’s about 30 years old (which is pretty much impossible since the house was built in ’98) but I added some rope to it and now it hangs on our tree, another story to tell.

It’s been tradition with us to load the gifts under the tree as soon as they are wrapped and I willingly keep up this tradition since Junior is too young to know that Santa is supposed to bring the gifts. Maybe next year the gifts will stay hidden until Christmas night, but for now, our awesome tree is fully laden with colourful packages and big boxes that hold holiday surprises for the whole family.

Junior hasn’t taken too much notice to the tree since his playroom is out of sight of it and I rarely let him crawl around the living room since hard floors and glass coffee tables could attack him at any given moment. The dogs, on the other hand, are WELL AWARE of what a Christmas tree is, in fact it is several things to them… a giant stick, a holder of delicious ornaments, a urination relief station, and a Christmas present unwrapping extravaganza! This morning I will have to put up a wire dog gate to carefully surround our tree and it’s gifts, and protect it from our fur babies.

Christmas has certainly come to the house and I have a month and a bit to bask in all of it’s glory before we drag the pine tree outside and burn it in our bonfire (cause that’s what country folk do).


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