Fudge Disaster


Have you ever tasted a bad cookie? No, I didn’t think so.  So, I think we did okay then. The other day I had two of Hubby’s long time gal friends over (they have since became my friends too, and even dual MC’d our wedding and did an amazing job!).  We were each to bring three recipes to try making. So I searched my pinterest account and came up with soft ginger cookies, white snowball cookies and chocolate peppermint cookies. I can’t remember all the recipes the girls brought, some were muffins, there was a good attempt at sugar cookies (never decorate them when you are exhausted), and some shortbread that went terribly wrong. But, I came out with a few ziplock bags full of treats.  Two of my cookie mixes used cake mixes as a base, which might seem like cheating to some, but heck, my cookies turned out the best if I do say so, although, a valiant effort was had by the girls for trying to wrangle the shortbread mix. And out of all the disaster cookies, and the many crumbling bits which were too delicious to waste, came the bright idea to make Disaster Fudge. One of the girls had mentioned a recipe to use up the crumbs but not having any of the ingredients on hand we improvised and poured a fudge mixture over them. Delicious! It’s a great way to salvage all the tasty bits and broken cookies.  It tasted so good that it kind of put the spirit of Christmas back into me (or maybe that was the gallon of milk I had to drink because of all the fudge I ate).

Our first Christmas is less than a week away! We’re having my dad over on Sunday morning to open gifts and then his whole side of the family for an early dinner on the same day. We’re up to 22 people so far, and thankfully everyone has offered to bring their signature dish, which is fantastic, because I can’t get enough of my dad’s three bean casserole, or my aunt’s carrot casserole, oh and that delectable hashbrown casserole….so many casseroles!! There is so much to clean and so much we need to get done but the week is flying by. I still want to find a big table cloth and cut fresh pine boughs. When? I have no clue. Dear Santa, I wish for more time.

Update: My Christmas spirit is still being stomped on by some family drama.  Last year for Christmas I received a guilt trip, looks like this year will be no different.


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