Christmas #1 and #2 are tomorrow. First in the morning we’re having my dad, step mom, step sister and sister over for breakfast and to open gifts. We’ll serve farm fresh eggs from the farmers next door, along with some fruit and bagels. I was able to find the perfect gift for my dad, someone who is quite content with socks, a hunting magazine and a few chocolate bars. He’s a particular guy who knows what he likes and will not cut corners to get exactly the best, which makes buying for him hard. He’s been eyeing my hall mirror (which has places for 4 pictures, a small shelf and about 6 key hooks) for years and almost every time he comes or goes from my place, remarks… “if you ever find another one of these…” Well, that statement set off a firestorm of online searches. And for months I came up empty handed and everything “similar” wouldn’t do for my dad. I finally tracked one down almost 6 hours away. I then check social media to see who I knew in the area, contacted a cousin I hadn’t seen in years and months later while visiting Hubby’s family near the area, we stopped in for a visit and a pick up. Of course, after getting home with the darn thing someone in my own town posted one for sale for half the price. Oh well, it was a fun hunt and in the end I hope he likes it.

Christmas #2 is my dad’s side of the family coming up from about an hour away. Everyone is bringing their favorite dish, and a wrapped ornament to represent them. We normally do a small gift exchange, where you take turns picking wrapped gifts and stealing them, but this year I added the twist that they should be a tree ornament. Although pretty much can be hung on a tree (I have a light bulb on mine), I figured it gave the kids something to work on and make. I chose to wrap a Styrofoam ball in jute rope (a media I use in my business) and Hubby filled a clear plastic ball with spices since he’s a chef. We’re in charge of the turkey, ham and the gravy, and we stocked up on wine and pop for the kids. Hubby has been helping me clean and prep and I, like my mother, am not good in crowds and feel quite overwhelmed (chalk that up to a horrible few years in high school, where I would rather shrink into a corner and hide) I’m hoping I can survive the first chaotic hosting event. 24 people are expected and although my eating area is large, that number can push anyone to their limits.

Oh so much to do, so little time… must go and vacuum for the second time today (I vacuumed then made the choice to drag pine boughs inside for decoration, leaving a trail of needles all over my floor).


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