Christmas #5


That’s it, we’re done (insert mental image of me falling into the lazy boy and instantly falling asleep). Christmas #5 is complete, no drama, all good. A humble holiday at my mom’s with her partner, my Hubby and my sister. We exchanged small gifts since we were on a tight budget, and even tried to hand make as much as possible. I made my sister, who loves to crochet and carries her bag of unfinished projects and needles around constantly, a sign that says “if I can’t take my yarn, I’m not going”.  I found my mom some awesome pieces of drift wood for her garden through a used website. I got a great price on them and only one could be wrapped up into a big box, while the others were paraded onto the front lawn by Hubby after the initial reveal. I made a snood for my second mom, that’s a hood that’s also a neck warmer, easily mistaken for a balaclava, but you can actually put it back from your head and it looks like a simple neck warmer after. We received handmade cookies, fudge sauce, a wooden trivet with a pig cut out and a handmade crochet Hobbes doll for Junior, which is literally the same size as him. He immediately started to maul it and goober it, so I assume he loves it. We then played an inappropriate board game that had us in fits of laughter and pigged out on food and sweets until we could do nothing more than sit on the couch, sighing in contentment. That my dear is what Christmas is all about.

The other day Hubby helped me remove all of the ornaments and lights from our tree. We swept up the millions of little pine needles, and dragged the crispy dead conifer out the back door, leaving a trail of even more needles as a path to its exit. We boxed up the Santa’s the fake mini trees and swag. We took down signs and removed the holiday wreath (if only to put up that awesome cast iron door knocker Hubby got me as a gift), and placed our new gifts into their proper places around the house.   Christmas is over, an additional bittersweet memory of 2014.


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