A Year In Review


What a year it’s been. In January we closed on our dream house, boxed up our lives and moved to the country. I don’t regret the move for a second. We were hardly contained in the tiny end unit townhouse which we rented, and the dogs were going stir crazy. Neighbours consisted of drunken students or unfriendly nosey gossip hounds and the constant screech of cats in heat drove us nuts. The month of January was filled with pregnancy appointments, ultrasounds, appliance deliveries and unpacking. February was a month of waiting for my maternity leave to begin. A harrowing ordeal of carpooling in the frigid winter months while I languished in my office chair, spinning in endless circles, waiting for freedom from the monotony of shuffling papers at my desk. March was a month of relaxation. Well, as much as a girl can get when she is so large that she can’t walk, but instead waddle, and constant kicks and summersaults from Junior kept me on my toes. But I think I managed to get my nails painted once during the month and taking the extra time was very much worth it. April brought the birth of our son. The greatest gift we could receive. Labour started on Friday the 11th, but little man didn’t want to come until Monday the 14th at 12:58pm. It was a LOOOONNNNG weekend. May’s calendar is filled, no joking, with a constant parade of visitors meeting Junior. June and July had us running about making a gigantic fence become reality. With many helping hands our dream of a secure place to play for the dogs and for Junior was able to come true, although not before we all had horrible blisters and Hubby had his head stitched up from the pole driver mishap. August marked our second year of being married. Two down….70 more to go! We also celebrated our move with a bonfire and hot dog day with neighbours and friends which was a great event with over 30 people attending. September was a poultry auction where we all desperately wanted to bring home a few feathered friends but in the end resisted the urge until we actually had a place to put them. And Hubby and I escaped for a date mid-month for dinner and a concert.  October meant a family photo shoot with a professional, Halloween decorating, and wood deliveries for the fast approaching winter months. November made me crafty with my first every craft fair which was pretty successful if I do say so myself.  December was 5 Christmas’, our first Christmas tree, and a very mild month…we currently have no snow on the ground, although it is very cold out there.  Hubby and I always buy a new Christmas tree ornament to commemorate the years happenings, and of course this year was for Junior, but what will next year’s ornament be?  I’m hoping for a lottery win, so maybe we’ll find a gold dollar sign. Maybe we’ll get my garden up and going, so a carrot ornament? Who knows.


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