The Barn Star

As I might have mentioned before, a barn star to me is a requirement for a country home or rustic barn, so when Hubby and I moved out to the country, I was adamant that we find and purchase a large star for the front of our house. I didn’t quite know the meaning of the stars, but all around us, on gravel roads and in local villages, the barn star seemed a prominent fixture on country dwellings.  Some looked fat, others slim, there were rust coloured ones, black ones and even white ones. The only thing I knew was that they were somehow known for their protective powers, and boy, with our luck, we needed all the protection we could get. Soon a large black star was mounted to the front of our house (as seen in the main picture).  I even received a smaller one for Junior’s room. Black of course.

As the year has gone by, I’ve become curious about why everyone else has their stars.  Was it protection? Country décor? Was it there when they moved in? Falling short of stopping in front of houses adorned by them to get pictures, I decided to post the question to a social media group.  Here are a few responses:

I put one up because I had a big bare spot on my garage. I read a legend that people with barn stars are swingers, so I kept it.  – Fiona

We have a rust colored one on our wall, I liked it with my sign “I love you to the moon and back”. I liked it for the rustic color but, am definitely interested in learning more now! – Tracy

We have one on our shed, it was here when we moved in. I thought it was good luck, so we’ve left it. I can’t say our luck has improved but no country life is easy.  –Mary

After I moved my family out to the country I went and purchased a barn star for our house. Growing up, we had one and my dad always told me it would protect the farm. So far, so good. – Doug

A little research reveals that they began as a builder’s mark, but eventually evolved simply into an aesthetic decoration.  Many consider them to be lucky, or to bring luck to the household, like a horseshoe mounted over a doorway. They are especially common in Pennsylvania. Many believe that the colour of the barn star will bring a particular type of luck, or protection.

Black means protection, also used to blend or bind elements together.

Blue means protection, peace, calmness and spirituality.

Brown means mother earth, also can mean friendship and strength.

Green means growth, fertility, success in things and ideas that grow.

Orange means abundance in career, projects and matters needing an added push.

Red means emotions, passion, charisma, lust and also creativity.

Violet means things that are sacred.

White means purity, power of the moon, allows energy to flow freely.

Yellow means health in body and mind, love of man and the sun, connection to God.


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